Unleash Floods Of Traffic To Your Internet Income Opportunity

Traffic is the biggest problem for anyone trying to take advantage of an internet income opportunity. Making a website is easy. Obtaining an affiliate product to sell is easy. But, neither one of these will make you a dime unless you can get traffic to them. And, that’s where most people fail.

Let me show you a way to unleash a flood of traffic to your internet income opportunity. This is a simple, but basically unknown technique. It involves four steps:

  1. Find the video (NO! Not make, FIND)
  2. Contact
  3. Negotiate
  4. Link

That’s it! Four easy steps to a flood of traffic. Now let me explain these four steps in a little more detail.


Find the video – Yes, find a video on YouTube that’s related to your website or product and one that gets lots of traffic.

Why YouTube? Because on some days, YouTube gets as many visitors as Google.

Why not make a video? Well, you can. But, who wants to do all that work? You would have to do good keyword/market research. You would have to make the video. You would have to promote the video and drive traffic to it…and that’s our problem to begin with.

So, go to YouTube and type in a keyword for your website/product in the search box and look for a video that has these three elements:

1. A minimum of 50,000 views to date.

2. Check the “Statistics & Data” info to insure that the video is still getting sufficient traffic. If you have not done this before, the picture below shows where to click to find this information.

Once clicked, you will get the statistical data delivered to you. It should appear similar to the picture below.

This particular example was a video about an owner playing with her dog. It might be useful to someone that had a website or product related to dogs or dog training. This video has been viewed 209,106 times since it was first viewed on March 29, 20010 and the bulk of those views have been made since April 5th. Traffic is still climbing.

3. Check to see if there is any affiliate link attached to the video. If an affiliate link is attached, pass on the video because the affiliate using it would know that he has a winner. The Affiliate would not likely sell it and if he would the price would be too high. If there’s not an affiliate link already attached, such as in the video above, you have found a video that holds potential for you.

Step 2

Contact the video’s owner – Send a private message on YouTube to the owner of the video and tell them that you enjoyed the video and would like to buy it. Don’t throw out a price, yet.

They will normally get back with you and ask, “How much?”

Step 3

Negotiate the price – Prices vary for these videos, but if there is less than a 1,000,000 views, I normally offer them $100-$300. If the videos are over 1,000,000 views, I will normally go up to $500-$800.

When you do this, you need to realize that you are not just buying the video – that’s not really what you are interested in. You are buying the traffic to that video – that’s where the potential for your internet income opportunity is at. And, to buy that traffic, you have to buy the seller’s entire YouTube account.

That’s usually not a big deal to the seller. The seller can always open another YouTube account and they can transfer any other videos they might have into that new account. But, you need the original account with this highly viewed video because that’s where all of the traffic is flowing to.

You’ll be surprised at how little you can buy these for. Most the time, these videos are just made for fun and they are flattered that someone would want to buy it. Nearly 80% of these viral videos are not related to affiliate marketers and they’re not aware of how much power their video could mean to an affiliate marketer.

After they ask, how much, negotiate with them until you can achieve a purchase price that both you and the seller are satisfied with.

When you make the transaction, use PayPal for the transfer of funds. If you send them the money and they don’t send you their YouTube user name and password, PayPal will usually reimburse you. PayPal usually protects the interests of the purchaser.

Step 4

Add your links – Once you’ve purchased the seller’s YouTube account, you can now go to that video and add your affiliate links – links to either your website or direct links to your product. You can also go in and add on-screen prompts into the video so that your website’s URL or product links pop up once or twice while the movie is playing. Now, you are in business with loads of free traffic!

Take a look at the profit potential. In this particular example, the video has been viewed 209,106 times during the last 12 days. That’s an average of 17,425 times per day. Google’s records indicate that visitors will click on links attached to these videos at a rate of 7.5%. If you take 7.5% of 17,425, that would mean that your link would be visited 1,306 times per day. This is highly targeted free traffic. If you had a 2% conversion rate, you would make 26 sales per day. If your commission (for example, on a dog training product) was $35/sale, your total commission would be $910/day!

That’s a nice commission – more than enough to pay for your original investment with only one day of sales. Viewers will be watching this video for years to come and that’s only one video – think about how many more of these you could get! That’s how to get a flood of traffic to your internet income opportunity and turn a nice profit.

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