Try Fishing On Adbrite To Catch Your Internet Income Opportunity

Pay-per-click advertising on Google is like fishing on a big river that is full of anglers. It’s crowded. Everybody is trying to catch an internet income opportunity. The problem is that it’s hard to find a spot in the river where you can throw your hook and not get tangled up with someone else’s line. And, once you do get your hook in the water, you find there are only small fish to catch because the bigger ones have been caught further up the river.

This is similar to the kind of problems I had with pay-per-click advertising on Google Adwords. Google is certainly a big stream with a lot of fish in it, but there are thousands-upon-thousands of advertisers fishing in it. The cost for your keywords that you want to use are high. It is very competitive. You also have to battle with your ad’s quality score on Google Adwords. It’s a struggle.

These are the reasons why I have chosen to fish in smaller streams where there are fewer anglers, but there are still a lot of fish to catch. It’s easier to snag an internet income opportunity. One of those streams that I fish in is called Adbrite. It’s an excellent platform to use for affiliate marketing.

Adbrite serve ads on more than 650,000,000 page views per day. They serve ads on eBay, AOL, Photobucket, MyLifeIsAverage, Facebook, and thousands of other sites. If you want to, you can even select the sites you want your ads to appear on for niche targeting. You can target your ads by location (US, UK, Japan, etc), by category (business, health and wellness, parenting, etc.), by by demographic info (gender and age), and by keywords. Adbrite has their own conversion tracking system that you can use and you can run text ads, banner ads, or full page ads.

The cost to run ads on Adbrite is much lower than Google Adwords. You specify what’s the maximum amount you want to pay and it can be as low as $.05/click. I have used keywords on Adbrite that I paid $.05 for that I use to pay $1.17 for on Google Adwords. You can also tell Adbrite what’s the maximum amount of money you want to spend per day.

Adbrite does not provide a quality score for your ad. So, you don’t get penalized like you do on Google Adwords. I never found the quality score that I got at Google Adwords to be of help. It only lowered my ads position or increased my cost.

So, if you have been fishing in that big river crowded with other anglers, you may want to try this smaller stream. There are still a lot of fish, and big ones too, that are waiting to be caught. Take a look at Adbrite and give it a try! I bet you’ll catch an internet income opportunity.

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