One More Legitimate Business Opportunity

Recently, I wrote a post on how I’ve finally managed to free myself from the shackles of working forlegitimate business opportunity logo others and take advantage of several legitimate business opportunities. After nearly four years of hard work and a lot of effort, I now make a full-time living by working online.

If you’re interested in how I did this, read my posting Boosting Your Internet Income Opportunity.

No, I’m not making millions, but I am making more money than I use to make working 40+ hours in a local factory. Best of all, I can now see how I can continue to make my own business grow and that’s exciting! That’s what I want to share with you in this posting today.

Since writing that last post nearly a month ago, I’ve found another legitimate business opportunity that fits nicely into my business plan. It’s called Reputaion Marketing… and most medium-to-small business owners don’t even realize how important this is going to be to their continued business success. But, they will in the near future.

Google Created This Business Opportunity

 You see, over the last seven weeks, Google has made some significant changes to their Google Maps (NOTE: Now called Google+ Local) listings.

For example, if you type into Google’s search window any business’s name and location, take a look at the picture below to see what Google displays at the top of their search engine.

legitimate business opportunity example

Yes, that’s bad! How many people do you think will call that dentist after seeing that poor rating? Probably not many…

In fact, these Google reviews are now showing up not only on Google Maps (Google+ Local), but also on organic listings and pay-per-click advertising ads.

legitimate business opportunity example #2

That’s what the Reputation Marketing Blueprint (this IS NOT an affiliate link…I just believe in this course) is all about. The course teaches you how to manage this for business owners. It teaches you how you can make a business shine. It teaches you how you can help business owners dramatically increase their sales volume.

Now, to be honest, I have purchased this product and I’m studing the course, so I haven’t picked up any new customers, yet. However, I have briefly discussed this subject with 3 business owners and two of them have expressed an interest in it. They asked me to come back when I have finished the course.

So, along with helping local business owners to get their business websites to be found online, helping local businesses to get their business’s found on Google+ Local (maps), I’m now going to help local businesses improve their Reputation Marketing… helping them to become the authority in their line of business. This is just one more legitimate business opportunity.

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