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For nearly 4 years I have been trying to create a sustainable income on the internet. It’s been difficult,network marketing internet business but I am starting to generate enough cash that I won’t have to worry about it much longer. Recently, I added this new business line to my network marketing internet business and I think it will finally enable me to earn a full-time living by working online.  

The new business line that I’m adding to my business is creating mobile websites for local offline businesses… businesses such as restaurants, Realtors, florists, and such.

  Many local businesses don’t even have a website and, for those that do, most of them don’t rank on the first page of the search engines. That’s why I started my P3 Marketing Columbia business. I create websites for businesses and I get them ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s first page. This pays nicely!  

Read my article Best Income Opportunity Home Based Business to learn how I started this first part of my network marketing internet business.  

Mobile Websites Are Now Enhacing My Internet Income Opportunity

Why mobile websites? According to the Gartner Newsroom, by 2013 more people will access the internet via mobile devices than by desktop or laptop computers. I’m sure you’ve heard the news, iPads and Smartphones are booming… everybody is buying them.

The problem with regular websites is that they are not very user friendly when viewed from a mobile device. Mobile devices have small screens and a regular website looks cramped on their screens. And, it’s difficult for mobile users to navigate a regular website from their mobile devices and they load very slowly on their screens.

This is how a regular website looks on a mobile device:

network marketing internet business


See how “cramped” everything looks… and look how difficult it would be to access the other pages on that website. Remember, your fingers are used to click on a page or link with a mobile device… you don’t have an arrow.

So now, I am offering my local offline customers the ability to upgrade their regular websites to a mobile friendly website. Their websites will look like a regular website when viewed from a desktop or laptop computer, but when a mobile device tries to access their websites, their websites will re-direct them to a mobile friendly version of their website. Pretty cool, huh?

I learned how to do this using some software called Wp Mobile Pro (and, yes, that link is my affiliate link to that software. I bought it and I hope you do, too).

This software isn’t inexpensive, it’s $77.00 to build your own mobile website or $399.95 to use the software to build mobile websites for others. But, it’s really easy to use and I made my money back the first day I bought it when I sold a mobile website to one of my customers for $499.00… and a $50.00/month maintenance fee. How sweet is that?!

Take a look at this video to see how easy it is to use this software:

My first customer for a mobile website was a Realtor and I told him that I could run specials on that mobile device for him. I told him that he could change those specials anytime he wanted and that my $50.00/month maintenance fee included 1 hour per month of my time to make those changes. If it took longer than 1 hour to make those changes, I would bill him at the rate of $100.00/hour. He thought that was great!

So, as you can see, creating mobile websites in my network marketing internet business is a natural fit. It’s good for my customers and it will add to my bottom line!

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