Internet Income Opportunity’s On-Page SEO Tips

There are some important things that you need to do every post or article that you put on the internet. Especially, if your trying to get that post ranked on Google to take advantage of an internet income opportunity. 

The tips that I’m going to provide you are all On-Page SEO tips and they’ll help you get your pages ranked higher and faster with a lot less backlinks.



Even if your familiar with On-Page SEO optimization, you may still want to read this posting. There are some things listed here that even I just learned recently.

Before we get started, there are two things to remember about On-Page SEO:

1. Your website and the posts that are on it need to be easy for the Google “Bots” to read, and…

2. You need to present and structure the information on your website so that it makes the Google “Bots” happy.

O.K., let’s get started…

Increasing Your Internet Income Opportunity With Higher Rankings

All In One SEO Pack

If you are using WordPress, it’s important that you’re using the “All In One SEO” plugin. If not, go and get it now.

Once you have it installed, fill it in and use it on every post that you make. The All In One SEO Pack plugin makes it easier for the Google “Bots” to understand what your posting is all about. Technically, it clarifies the meta tags for them.

Below is an example of the All In One SEO Pack on one of my other websites:

Be sure that the keyword that you are using for that posting is in the title, somewhere within the description, and is listed in the keywords.

In the above example, my keyword was “lose 20 lbs” and you can see it in all three places.

Keyword, Keyword, Keyword

Not only should your keyword be in the title of your posting, but it also needs to be in the body of your posting. But, don’t use it too much! Google will penalize you for keyword stuffing if you use your keyword more than 4-5% of the total words on the page.

It’s important that your keyword appears somewhere within the first 50 words used within the posting. It’s also important that you use the keyword very near the end of the posting – in the last 1-2 sentences.

The Google “Bots” also like it when you make your keyword stand out from the rest of the words on the posting. That’s why I’ll usually italic and bold my keywords at least once.

LSI Keywords

The Google “Bots” are clever little spiders. When they crawl your posting, not only are they searching for your keywords, but they are searching for words related to those keywords.

This is known as Latent Semantic Indexing(LSI).

You see, Google knows what words are related to your keywords and Google would think it’s odd if it couldn’t find some of these related keywords.

So, how do you find these LSI words?

Simple. Go to Google’s Keyword Tool!

Once you’re at that free tool, all you have to do is input your keyword, click Search, and Google will return what it considers related keywords.

Here is an example for the keyword that I’m using for this posting. My keyword is internet income opportunity:

When I finish writing my postings, I use the Google Keyword Tool, develop my list of LSI words, and use a few of them in my posting.

Keyword Links

This is something new that I learned. I’m not sure why it works, but I’ve found that the Google “Bots” really like it.

On your page, link one of the keywords on your posting to your home URL and link another of your keywords to the URL for that particular posting.

Try it – it works like a Gem!

Internal Linking

In your posting, if possible, create links to other posts on your site. Try to use the same keyword that you used for that other posting as your anchor text.

Not only do the Google “Bots” like this, but it keeps visitors on your website longer.

H1 and H3

At the very top of your page you should have an H1 tag, also known as a Heading tag. Make sure your keyword phrase is in your tag.

Further down on your page, you should have a H3 tag. Once again, be sure your keyword is here, also.

I’m not sre why, but the H2 tag does not seem to be that important to the Google “Bots”.

If you’re not sure how to check this, go to your posting, put your arrow over your posting, and right click on it. Click View Page Source and look for your H1 and H3 tags.

Alternative Text Used On Images

If you have images on your posting, you can give them an “alternative text” and that should be the keyword that you are using for that post.

Be careful, though, don’t do this too much! If you do it too much, the Google “Bots” will consider it keyword stuffing and penalize you.

High Quality Outbound Links

It will improve your rankings if you link your website to some other high ranking websites within your niche – even if they don’t link back to you. The Google “Bots” like this.

This makes sense if you think about it. The Google “Bots” want visitors to your sight to have a good experience. So, if you tie your website to others that Google has already given high Page Ranks to, the “Bots” are happy.

That’s it for now. If you would like to learn more about SEO optimization, grab this FREE booklet at Free Internet Income Opportunity SEO Training In Plain English.

I hope these On-Page SEO tips help you improve your internet income opportunity and your home based business.

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