Facebook Advertising Is A Legitimate Business Opportunity

Do you advertise on Google Adwords? If so, have you tried advertising on Facebook, yet? If not, you’re missing out on a legitimate business opportunity!

Facebook is HUGE! Since its creation from a Harvard dorm room in 2004, Facebook has grown to over 500 MILLION USERS and that number is SKYROCKETING. More than 50% of those users use it on a daily basis.

In January 2010, Facebook set a record by displacing Google as the top site where the most web pages are viewed.

So, if you advertise on Adwords, don’t pass up advertising on Facebook. You can do it for far less money and you can target your customers so much better. You can target buyers who have already qualified themselves in a particular target market.

Here, let me show you how to do it:

Go to http://www.facebook.com/advertising and you’ll get a page similar to the one below:

Once on that page, click the “Create an Ad” button located in the upper, right hand side of that page.

Now, you’ll get a page similar to the one above. Fill in your ads destination URL, give your ad a title, and provide some text for the body of the ad. And, do you see what’s next?

Yes, your ad can have an image with it! That’s one neat thing about Facbook advertising.

When finished, click the “Continue” button and you’ll get a page similar to the one below:

On these pages is where your legitimate business opportunity really begins to take shape. These pages allow you to target your market very specifically – in ways that you can’t do on Google Adwords.

You can target buyers by age, sex, relationships, and even birthdays! But, it’s the box that appears just below the box above that I like best. See the image below:

Likes and Interests! This box is MOST IMPORTANT!

In this box you can get very focused on particular types of buyers. For example, if you were promoting one of Clickbank’s products called World of Warcraft, you could put that into the “Likes and Interests” box. Then, only those people that have used those terms in their own profiles would view your ad. This insures that your ads are highly targeted!

Now, one thing that I need to mention is that as you are checking boxes or adding phrases to target your potential buyers, Facbook is keeping track of it. Facebook provides you an estimate of the number of potential viewers that will see your ad. That estimate appears to the right of the images above. It looks like the image below:

The reason I didn’t show it in the images up above is that the image would’ve been so big that when I downsized it to fit on this page, you wouldn’t have been able to read what is written on those pages. I apologize for that.

Moving on.

The last bit of information that you have to complete before placing your ad order is the Campaigns, Pricing and Scheduling box.

Here, you select a campaign name and can enter a daily budget. If you haven’t advertised on Facebook before, I would encourage you to keep your daily budget low. Facebook advertising takes some practice.

Schedule your ad for the days that you want your ad to show. Maybe you want your ads only to show on weekends. If so, make that selection.

Last, choose how you want to pay for your ads. Do you want to pay on a Pay for Click(CPC) or Pay for Impressions(CPM) basis? Facebook will provide you an estimate of what it thinks you should pay for both of these. But, it’s your decision. You decide and enter that into the box.

I’ve found on a CPC basis that I pay about one-third of what I have to pay on Google Adwords.

After filling out these forms, your ad can start running. You’re done. Your legitimate business opportunity has been created. Keep track of it and watch the profits roll in.

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