Cool Free Tool For Your Income Opportunity Home Based Business

I wanted to share with you a COOL FREE TOOL that you can use to improve your income opportunity home based business. I found this tool day-before-yesterday and I’ve been playing around with it. If you’ve been here before, you probably notice that I’ve moved some things around. Now, I want to share this tool with you. income opportunity home based business


The tool is called Mouseflow.

What’s cool about this tool is that if you have a website, a webshop, or a webapp, tools like Google Analytics wil give you data on how many visitors you have had, but it is still a “black box”… you really don’t know what visitors did on your pages. Knowing what your visitors did while on your website is vital information for the success of your business.

Mouseflow will show you exactly what your visitors did on your website… where they clicked, how they scrolled, and how they interact with forms. Mouseflow videotapes everything that visitors do while on your website… videos that you can review.

In addition to individual recordings, you can see vital data collected from all of your visitors that is compiled into a heatmap. Without this information, you are blind to the way users experienced your site.

All kinds of trouble may be happening and you would never see it. That’s where Mouseflow really helps. Instead of just watching visitors walk away, you can record what makes them leave in the first place. Use this info to get better results and happier visitors.

To further help you with your income opportunity home based business, I found the following video on YouTube. What’s interesting about this video is that it was made by a professor who made it to teach her students about this nifty tool. Go ahead and watch it:

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The tool is FREE to use although there are some restrictions to its’ use… you get only 100 free recordings per month and there is no support help. I’ve included a pricing sheet below:

income opportunity home based business

I think 100 free recordings is more than what most webmasters could use, but if you need more it costs only $15.00/month to get up to 1,000 recordings (and, for those that are asking, I am an affiliate and I would get a 40% commission if you did pay for a membership. But, that’s not why I’m promoting this product… Mouseflow can really help your business).

There is even a free demo at Go ahead and click on that demo and watch as Mouseflow records every move of your mouse and every click that you make.

Mouseflow runs smoothly on IE 7+, Firefox 3+, Chrome 3+, Safari 4+, Opera 9+, and presumably many more. It runs on both PC, Mac, Linux and mobile environments such as Android, Symbian, iPhone OS and Windows Mobile.

Mouseflow is easy to install on your website… all you have to do is install one line of code.

Once installed, the recordings in your control panel will give you a clear picture of your sight’s performance. So, why wait? Start optimizing your income opportunity home based business right away!


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