Best Income Opportunity Home Based Business For Affiliates

Are you having a tough time making the money you were searching for with affiliate marketing? Well, letincome opportunity home based business me tell you, affiliate marketing is not the only way to make money online. Let me show you the best income opportunity home based business that’s much easier and is in high demand.
If you have been doing affiliate marketing, don’t feel bad that you’re still not making the money that you wanted to make… nearly 56% of the respondents in a recent survey said the same thing. Affiliate marketing is soooo… competitive and making a profit is hard.

But, if you have been working at affiliate marketing, you have a lot of skills that can be put to work in a different way to make you a lot of money.

Most offline businesses either have or want to have a website. The problem is that most of these smaller businesses are not large enough to have their own staff to manage their websites and they have no idea on how to get their websites ranked.

What good is it if you owned a local plumbing business and you had a website that was not ranked on the search engine’s first page?

Yes, if a customer knows your website’s name they could go to it, but what about a homeowner that has a plumbing problem and is looking for plumber to fix their problem? If your plumbing business’s website is not on the search engine’s first page, that potential customer is never going to find you.

That’s where you can put the skills that you have learned in affiliate marketing to work for you… help local offline businesses get their websites ranked on the search engines first page. First page rankings will help them find new customers.

And, you will be surprised at how much easier it is to get a local business’s website ranked on the search engine’s first page for someone doing a local search.

There is a new course on the market that can teach you how to do this and that course is called Power 3 Marketing. This course was put together by two affiliates that you have probably heard of… the PotPieGirl and David Bocock.

There are three parts to this course. The first part is FREE and you will be amazed at what you will learn in this part of the course. If you have been doing affiliate marketing or even thinking about it, I encourage you to grab this.

The second part of this course costs $77, but if you think you might be interested in this business model after completing the FREE course, it will be the best $77 that you ever spent. It teaches you everything from exactly how to do it… from what domain names to choose… to what WordPress themes to use… to what plugins to install… to what articles to publish… to exactly how to get the customers.

The third part of the course is taught entirely by the Pot Pie Girl and you won’t believe what you will learn in this part of the course. Now, this part of the course will cost you a recurring monthly charge of $47, but you will learn two unique techniques for building websites for local businesses that get ranked on Google’s first page in a matter of days.

Not only that, you will also get access to a Forum where fellow members can help you make your income opportunity home based business a success. Members in this forum are from all over the world – this business model works anywhere in the world!

One more thing you get in the third part of this course is FREE access to another course called the Client Crusher. This course is designed for those affiliates that choose to market to offline businesses, but are scared of cold calling. This course teaches you how to get customers to come to you rather than you calling on them.

I could go on-and-on about this incredible Power 3 Marketing course, but watch what this affiliate marketer has to say about it:

I signed up for this course about 7 weeks ago. I am an Elite member and could not be happier that I found this course.

Here, take a look at one of my “HUB” sites that I learned to build from this course: Midlands Business SC.

I have not given up on affiliate marketing, I can still do that while I promote this income opportunity home based business. I’m just finding different ways to make more money.

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