Automating Your Internet Income Opportunity

I’ve been learning how to make money online for 4 years now and the one BASIC FACTOR that I haveinternet income opportunity seo picture learned for sure is that to take advantage of any internet income opportunity is that you have to have LOTS OF TRAFFIC…and, I mean LOTS OF IT!

Now, there are 2 ways to get lots of traffic. You can either pay for it, by using Google Adwords, or you can get that traffic for free. And, I don’t know about you, but I had rather not pay for that traffic…maybe, that’s why people call me cheap!

The problem with getting free traffic is that you have to learn how to get that traffic. And, when you are new to the internet and/or internet marketing, it takes a LOT OF TIME to learn how to get that traffic.

For those of you that are reading this article and have experience with getting traffic, you know the answer to getting traffic…and, lots of it…is that you have to know something about search engine optimization (SEO)…on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Most people fail with taking advantage of an internet income opportunity because they just don’t know and understand SEO.

I’m not going to go into all the details about SEO…because I would have to write a text book. But, I do want to tell you about something that will help anybody…new-comers and/or experienced webmasters…with on-page optimization (for those of you reading this that would like to learn more about SEO, read my article FREE Internet Income Opportunity SEO In Plain English).

internet income opportunity on-page seoIf you have a WordPress website, there is a new plugin that has been recently released that can help you automate the on-page optimization for your articles and website. And, NO, I’m not an affiliate for this plugin…I just think this plugin can help a lot of you that have been trying to make it online.

In fact, this is a paid plugin…


The name of this plugin is called the Pushbutton SEO plugin (NOTE: I did not link you to that plugin because I don’t want you to go there…not just yet).

What the plugin does is that it analyzes the full HTML source code of your WordPress page and articles…just like the search engine spiders do…and, tells you how well your on-page optimization is.

Then, it optimizes your page (article) and gives you a pass/fail scoring system based on key critical on-page SEO factors that are customized by the keywords that you are trying to rank for.

This plugin works on any WordPress website in any niche market.

When I give you the link to this plugin, go there and watch the video…there is a lot of good info about SEO and on-page optimization. Also, there is great information on how to install and use this plugin.


After watching the video, type in a new url address into your browser and click it…now, you will get a new window similar to the one below:

internet income opportunity

Just click “Stay On Page”…

You will now get a new video and a FREE OFFER!.

This free offer is almost identical to the offer that you have to pay for…it’s about 75% of what you would have to pay for.

My suggestion to you is to take that free offer and use it for a while…I think you will see very quickly how useful this plugin can be to help you improve the on-page optimization for your website pages. I know..I did!

Then, if you have the money and if you want everything that the paid plugin can give you, go back and buy it.

Now, here’s a link to this super-great plugin…PushButton SEO.

If you use WordPress, I know this plugin will help you increase your internet income opportunity.

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