Increase Home Work Business Opportunities By Using This Super Tool

Most of you that are regular visitors to this website know that I have in recent months increased myhome work business opportunities home work business opportunities by turning my attention to helping small/medium size businesses to increase their online presence…in other words, I’m helping these businesses to be found on the internet.

When looking for a business, most people don’t use the Yellow Pages any more, they look on the internet. So, as a consultant, I’m helping these businesses to be found on the first page of the internet…either by organically getting their websites ranked there, or Google Maps (now called Google+ Local), Pay-Per-Click advertising and/or a combination of the three.

But, I do still make money in affiliate marketing. After all, doing the work for local businesses can be done so quickly, I still have a lot of time with which I need to find something to do. So, I spend that time selling products on the internet as an affiliate marketer.

I suspect that many of you reading this do the same thing. And, if you are, then you all know that to be successful at it, you have to get loads of traffic to either your websites, blogs, and/or articles. And, to do that, you have to get your “properties” ranked high on the search engines. And, to do that, you have to two things very well…on-page and off-page optimization.

Well, I don’t want to talk to you today about off-page optimization, but I do want to talk to you about on-page optimization. This is the first step in getting your “properties” to rank well and if you don’t do it right, your wasting your time with off-page optimization.

I could go into a lot of detail about the things that are required to do on-page optimization correctly (learn more about this by reading my article Free Internet Income Opportunity SEO In Plain English and grab that free PDF), but more importantly I wanted to tell you about a super, cool tool that can automate this process for you!

Home Work Business Opportunities Made Much Easier

There is a WordPress plugin out there called SeoPressor that is easy to use and it automatically tells you what you need to do to get the on-page optimization correctly done on your web page. Here, watch this video and you’ll see what I mean:

Pretty simple to use, right?

The thing is, I pretty much knew all the factors that were needed to do on-page optimization correctly, but this tool corrected me when I forgot to do some of those things. So, this tool is helpful not only for the beginners, but also for all of us that have been at this “game” for a while.

The tool is not priced low… it does cost $99.00 which is a bit high for a plugin. But, when you think of all the time you put into creating all of those articles and posts, I think it’s well worth the investment. After all, if you don’t do the on-page optimization correctly, you’ve wasted your time writing that article and not to mention all the time you’ll spend with off-page optimization.

Take another look at SeoPressor and watch that video a second time. Do you want your home work business opportunities to pay-off or do you want to waste your time?!

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Internet Income Opportunity’s Beat The Penguin Update

Finally, nearly four months later, I’ve found the information that can not only help this Internet internet income opportunityIncome Opportunity website, but also several of my other websites as well. This information provides data and tools on how to beat Google’s Penguin update.

As many of you are aware, in April, Google made another algorithm update and thousands of websites lost their rankings on the search engine…this website was one of them. Prior to the release of this update, this website was ranking on Google’s first page for the search term “internet income opportunity”. Now, you can’t find it anywhere.

For month’s I’ve been looking for an answer on how to get these rankings back. Ive spent countless hours looking for this answer and I have read hundreds of articles from others on their opinions…nobody seemed to have a firm answer. Well, that has finally changed!

Answer… Beat The Penguin

Market Samurai has the answer to this problem. I could spend the next couple of hours writing on this article to give you the answer, but the easiest way to provide you this information is to let you watch the video below. If your website also suffered from the Penguin update, this is a must watch video!

Click On The Beat The Penguin Video Below!

internet income opportunity

Click On The Beat The Penguin Video Above!

I completely trust Market Samurai… I’ve had their software for nearly 4 years now. It’s not the only piece of software that I have ever bought, but, it is the best piece of software that I have ever used… hands down! I use this software to do all of my keyword research, competition research, and all of my Url tracking.

I have previously written about this software, so if you would like to learn more, read Traffic Is Key To An Internet Income Opportunity.

If you’re in affiliate marketing or if you’re going to spend a great deal of your time on the internet, having Market Samurai is a must have!

And, now, they have provided me the solution to Beating The Penguin!

Market Samurai… this Internet Income Opportunity website “Thanks You”!

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One More Legitimate Business Opportunity

Recently, I wrote a post on how I’ve finally managed to free myself from the shackles of working forlegitimate business opportunity logo others and take advantage of several legitimate business opportunities. After nearly four years of hard work and a lot of effort, I now make a full-time living by working online.

If you’re interested in how I did this, read my posting Boosting Your Internet Income Opportunity.

No, I’m not making millions, but I am making more money than I use to make working 40+ hours in a local factory. Best of all, I can now see how I can continue to make my own business grow and that’s exciting! That’s what I want to share with you in this posting today.

Since writing that last post nearly a month ago, I’ve found another legitimate business opportunity that fits nicely into my business plan. It’s called Reputaion Marketing… and most medium-to-small business owners don’t even realize how important this is going to be to their continued business success. But, they will in the near future.

Google Created This Business Opportunity

 You see, over the last seven weeks, Google has made some significant changes to their Google Maps (NOTE: Now called Google+ Local) listings.

For example, if you type into Google’s search window any business’s name and location, take a look at the picture below to see what Google displays at the top of their search engine.

legitimate business opportunity example

Yes, that’s bad! How many people do you think will call that dentist after seeing that poor rating? Probably not many…

In fact, these Google reviews are now showing up not only on Google Maps (Google+ Local), but also on organic listings and pay-per-click advertising ads.

legitimate business opportunity example #2

That’s what the Reputation Marketing Blueprint (this IS NOT an affiliate link…I just believe in this course) is all about. The course teaches you how to manage this for business owners. It teaches you how you can make a business shine. It teaches you how you can help business owners dramatically increase their sales volume.

Now, to be honest, I have purchased this product and I’m studing the course, so I haven’t picked up any new customers, yet. However, I have briefly discussed this subject with 3 business owners and two of them have expressed an interest in it. They asked me to come back when I have finished the course.

So, along with helping local business owners to get their business websites to be found online, helping local businesses to get their business’s found on Google+ Local (maps), I’m now going to help local businesses improve their Reputation Marketing… helping them to become the authority in their line of business. This is just one more legitimate business opportunity.

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Boosting Your Internet Income Opportunity Using Maps Marketing Blueprint

Affiliate marketing is a tough way to create an internet income opportunity and make a full timeinternet income opportunity google+ local living at doing it. I know because I’ve been working at it for nearly 4 years and while I do make money, the money I make from affiliate marketing alone is not enough to pay all my bills. That’s why I started diversifying what I’m doing online.

Let me explain and show you what I’ve had to do to make a living online.

First, I still do affiliate marketing…that’s the first thing I got into when I started to try to make a living online. I create websites and blogs that focus on a variety of niches and products and I drive traffic to these websites by getting them to rank on the first page of the search engines.

Learning how to do this successfully was difficult to do and I don’t think I would have ever learned how to do it if I hadn’t of pinched myself and invested in the Wealthy Affiliate. I hate spending money, but the training and support that you get in this program is well worth the money.

Next, I sell products on the internet using pay-per-click advertising. Doing this can be costly if you don’t learn how to do it properly. When I first started doing this type of paid advertising, I lost a lot of money…I mean a lot!

Fortunately, I quit doing PPC advertising and after I joined the Wealthy Affiliate Program, I found the training I needed to do PPC advertising successfully. I’m now successfully selling products online using PPC advertising. But, I’m not selling these products on Google Adwords, I’m using the 7Search program…much less expensive.

The next thing I did to increase my internet income opportunity was to start helping local offline businesses increase their online marketing efforts. People just don’t use the Yellow Pages like they use to. People nowdays go online to find a plumber when they need one. Helping local businesses to get their websites found online has been financially rewarding for me and my customers. I learned how to be successful at this using the Power 3 Marketing course.

Creating mobile websites for local businesses was the next step that I took towards making a full-time living by working onlie. Nearly 40% of all searches on the internet are done with mobile devices such as the SmartPhone. And, due to the growth of iPads, it’s estimated that over 50% of the searches done on the internet will be done with mobils devices by the summer of 2013.

Most local businesses don’t have a mobile website and I’m there to help them solve that problem…their websites become much more user-friendly for mobile device users.

Last of all, and this is the one that finally made it possible for me to earn a full-time living online, I’m now helping local business to get their business’s found on Google Maps…or, Google+ Local as Google now calls it (don’t you love it how Google is constantly changing?).

Take a look at the Google+ Places map below:


Those 3 businesses at the top of the map will secure over 50% of the clicks made on that page. My job is to create a new website and phone number (I OWN that website and phone number) for a local business and then get that business website and phone number at the top of Google+ Local’s map. It means huge new business opportunity for that local business owner.

I charge them $1,000- $2,000 to set that program up and $500 – $1,000/month in maintenance fees. It’s a no-brainer for the business owner. If each customer generates the business owner an average of $200/customer profit and if the busines is getting 25 new customers/month… the owner is way ahead.

I’ve learned this last part of my business from (and, no, that is NOT an affiliate link… it’s only my recommendation).

Yes, the course is a bit expensive, but my first customer more than paid for that course. And, one thing I learned when I first started affiliate marketing, it will take you years to learn how to do it unless you pay someone to teach you.

These are the steps that I have taken to create an internet income opportunity and make a full-time living from online marketing…and, now, I’m my own boss!

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Network Marketing Internet Business – Creating Mobile Websites

For nearly 4 years I have been trying to create a sustainable income on the internet. It’s been difficult,network marketing internet business but I am starting to generate enough cash that I won’t have to worry about it much longer. Recently, I added this new business line to my network marketing internet business and I think it will finally enable me to earn a full-time living by working online.  

The new business line that I’m adding to my business is creating mobile websites for local offline businesses… businesses such as restaurants, Realtors, florists, and such.

  Many local businesses don’t even have a website and, for those that do, most of them don’t rank on the first page of the search engines. That’s why I started my P3 Marketing Columbia business. I create websites for businesses and I get them ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s first page. This pays nicely!  

Read my article Best Income Opportunity Home Based Business to learn how I started this first part of my network marketing internet business.  

Mobile Websites Are Now Enhacing My Internet Income Opportunity

Why mobile websites? According to the Gartner Newsroom, by 2013 more people will access the internet via mobile devices than by desktop or laptop computers. I’m sure you’ve heard the news, iPads and Smartphones are booming… everybody is buying them.

The problem with regular websites is that they are not very user friendly when viewed from a mobile device. Mobile devices have small screens and a regular website looks cramped on their screens. And, it’s difficult for mobile users to navigate a regular website from their mobile devices and they load very slowly on their screens.

This is how a regular website looks on a mobile device:

network marketing internet business


See how “cramped” everything looks… and look how difficult it would be to access the other pages on that website. Remember, your fingers are used to click on a page or link with a mobile device… you don’t have an arrow.

So now, I am offering my local offline customers the ability to upgrade their regular websites to a mobile friendly website. Their websites will look like a regular website when viewed from a desktop or laptop computer, but when a mobile device tries to access their websites, their websites will re-direct them to a mobile friendly version of their website. Pretty cool, huh?

I learned how to do this using some software called Wp Mobile Pro (and, yes, that link is my affiliate link to that software. I bought it and I hope you do, too).

This software isn’t inexpensive, it’s $77.00 to build your own mobile website or $399.95 to use the software to build mobile websites for others. But, it’s really easy to use and I made my money back the first day I bought it when I sold a mobile website to one of my customers for $499.00… and a $50.00/month maintenance fee. How sweet is that?!

Take a look at this video to see how easy it is to use this software:

My first customer for a mobile website was a Realtor and I told him that I could run specials on that mobile device for him. I told him that he could change those specials anytime he wanted and that my $50.00/month maintenance fee included 1 hour per month of my time to make those changes. If it took longer than 1 hour to make those changes, I would bill him at the rate of $100.00/hour. He thought that was great!

So, as you can see, creating mobile websites in my network marketing internet business is a natural fit. It’s good for my customers and it will add to my bottom line!

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Automating Your Internet Income Opportunity

I’ve been learning how to make money online for 4 years now and the one BASIC FACTOR that I haveinternet income opportunity seo picture learned for sure is that to take advantage of any internet income opportunity is that you have to have LOTS OF TRAFFIC…and, I mean LOTS OF IT!

Now, there are 2 ways to get lots of traffic. You can either pay for it, by using Google Adwords, or you can get that traffic for free. And, I don’t know about you, but I had rather not pay for that traffic…maybe, that’s why people call me cheap!

The problem with getting free traffic is that you have to learn how to get that traffic. And, when you are new to the internet and/or internet marketing, it takes a LOT OF TIME to learn how to get that traffic.

For those of you that are reading this article and have experience with getting traffic, you know the answer to getting traffic…and, lots of it…is that you have to know something about search engine optimization (SEO)…on-page SEO and off-page SEO. Most people fail with taking advantage of an internet income opportunity because they just don’t know and understand SEO.

I’m not going to go into all the details about SEO…because I would have to write a text book. But, I do want to tell you about something that will help anybody…new-comers and/or experienced webmasters…with on-page optimization (for those of you reading this that would like to learn more about SEO, read my article FREE Internet Income Opportunity SEO In Plain English).

internet income opportunity on-page seoIf you have a WordPress website, there is a new plugin that has been recently released that can help you automate the on-page optimization for your articles and website. And, NO, I’m not an affiliate for this plugin…I just think this plugin can help a lot of you that have been trying to make it online.

In fact, this is a paid plugin…


The name of this plugin is called the Pushbutton SEO plugin (NOTE: I did not link you to that plugin because I don’t want you to go there…not just yet).

What the plugin does is that it analyzes the full HTML source code of your WordPress page and articles…just like the search engine spiders do…and, tells you how well your on-page optimization is.

Then, it optimizes your page (article) and gives you a pass/fail scoring system based on key critical on-page SEO factors that are customized by the keywords that you are trying to rank for.

This plugin works on any WordPress website in any niche market.

When I give you the link to this plugin, go there and watch the video…there is a lot of good info about SEO and on-page optimization. Also, there is great information on how to install and use this plugin.


After watching the video, type in a new url address into your browser and click it…now, you will get a new window similar to the one below:

internet income opportunity

Just click “Stay On Page”…

You will now get a new video and a FREE OFFER!.

This free offer is almost identical to the offer that you have to pay for…it’s about 75% of what you would have to pay for.

My suggestion to you is to take that free offer and use it for a while…I think you will see very quickly how useful this plugin can be to help you improve the on-page optimization for your website pages. I know..I did!

Then, if you have the money and if you want everything that the paid plugin can give you, go back and buy it.

Now, here’s a link to this super-great plugin…PushButton SEO.

If you use WordPress, I know this plugin will help you increase your internet income opportunity.

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Cool Free Tool For Your Income Opportunity Home Based Business

I wanted to share with you a COOL FREE TOOL that you can use to improve your income opportunity home based business. I found this tool day-before-yesterday and I’ve been playing around with it. If you’ve been here before, you probably notice that I’ve moved some things around. Now, I want to share this tool with you. income opportunity home based business


The tool is called Mouseflow.

What’s cool about this tool is that if you have a website, a webshop, or a webapp, tools like Google Analytics wil give you data on how many visitors you have had, but it is still a “black box”… you really don’t know what visitors did on your pages. Knowing what your visitors did while on your website is vital information for the success of your business.

Mouseflow will show you exactly what your visitors did on your website… where they clicked, how they scrolled, and how they interact with forms. Mouseflow videotapes everything that visitors do while on your website… videos that you can review.

In addition to individual recordings, you can see vital data collected from all of your visitors that is compiled into a heatmap. Without this information, you are blind to the way users experienced your site.

All kinds of trouble may be happening and you would never see it. That’s where Mouseflow really helps. Instead of just watching visitors walk away, you can record what makes them leave in the first place. Use this info to get better results and happier visitors.

To further help you with your income opportunity home based business, I found the following video on YouTube. What’s interesting about this video is that it was made by a professor who made it to teach her students about this nifty tool. Go ahead and watch it:

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The tool is FREE to use although there are some restrictions to its’ use… you get only 100 free recordings per month and there is no support help. I’ve included a pricing sheet below:

income opportunity home based business

I think 100 free recordings is more than what most webmasters could use, but if you need more it costs only $15.00/month to get up to 1,000 recordings (and, for those that are asking, I am an affiliate and I would get a 40% commission if you did pay for a membership. But, that’s not why I’m promoting this product… Mouseflow can really help your business).

There is even a free demo at Go ahead and click on that demo and watch as Mouseflow records every move of your mouse and every click that you make.

Mouseflow runs smoothly on IE 7+, Firefox 3+, Chrome 3+, Safari 4+, Opera 9+, and presumably many more. It runs on both PC, Mac, Linux and mobile environments such as Android, Symbian, iPhone OS and Windows Mobile.

Mouseflow is easy to install on your website… all you have to do is install one line of code.

Once installed, the recordings in your control panel will give you a clear picture of your sight’s performance. So, why wait? Start optimizing your income opportunity home based business right away!


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Backlinks Are Needed For An Internet Income Opportumity…Is Google Counting Them?

Traffic…and lots of it…is the key for taking advantage of an internet income opportunity. And, the secret to getting lots of traffic is to get your website ranking high on the search engines first page for the keywords that you are using. And, the secret to do that is to get backlinks…not only lots of them, but also backlinks on high authority sites…and, a wide variety of sites. internet income opportunity


(All of this has been explained in one of my previous articles that I have written on this blog. In case you missed that article, you can read it here: Key Income Opportunity Home Based Secrets)

But, after spending a countless number of hours creating those backlinks, you may have wasted all that time. After all, Google has to find and index those backlinks. It’s estimated that Google never finds 20-30% of all those links that are posted on the internet. And, quite often, Google won’t find some of the links that you have created for weeks.

How I Insure My Backlinks Are Quickly Found And Indexed By Google

I have found a very simple method to insure that the backlinks that I have created have been found and indexed by Google… sometimes within minutes?

I Tweet a link to all of my backlinks on Twitter…it’s that simple!

Yes, I’ve also read many other articles by others describing how they suggest you get your backlinks indexed by Google. These methods range from Pinging your blog posts to creating Blogger blogs. These methods do work, but what can be more simple than just Tweeting a link to your backlink?

For whatever means is in their madness, Google, Yahoo, and Bing have an army of spiders that are constantly scouring the posts on Twitter. If you post something on Twitter, your post will be found by the Googlebots within minutes!

Now, I know that many of you probably have or are trying to get some loyal followers to your Twitter account and you probably don’t want to bore them with some boring posts about your backlinks, but why not create a second or third account on Twitter and use it to get your backlinks found? Twitter allows you to have at least 3 accounts on any single computer.

I hope this idea will help you to get more of your backlinks indexed by Google and I hope it helps you to increase your internet income opportunity. Now, I’m off to Twitter to Tweet this post…

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How Do You Increase Your Home Work Business Opportunities?

If you’re trying to create a cash flow from your home’s computer and you haven’t been able to do it,home work business opportunities please take the time to read this article on increasing your home work business opportunities… I know that when you get to the end that you will be glad that you did. Here is your problem…

To make money from your websites, you need to get loads of traffic. To get loads of traffic, you need to get lots of backlinks. And, how do most webmasters get lots of backlinks? Well, they write articles and syndicate them (social bookmarking and submission to article directories). This gets you lots of backlinks, but now you need more, so now you have to write another article.

Sound familiar?

The problem is that there are only 24 hours in a day and during some of that time you have to eat and sleep. The other problem is that you’re going to write another article and syndicate them to the same places…right? Well, that’s a problem!

Google likes variety and the more variety you have, the more Google will like you and the more likely they will be to help you to take advantage of those home work business opportunities.

Besides, writing lots of articles is a real drag. It’s difficult for me to think of a lot of new and interesting tings to say. Well, I have found a way around this. And, NO, this is not a magic bullet… it still involves work, but just not near as much!

This new method is actually a new approach. Not only can you use it on new articles that you write in the future, but you can also use it on all of the articles that you have written in the past.

This new approach is a new method of syndication that will allow you to get far more backlinks from a far more variety of places… witout having to write so many articles.

Don’t get me wrong… every blog or website needs fresh new content. But, why write 8 articles of content when you can get as much link juice from just writing 1 new article of content? You just have to know how and where to syndicate it!

This new method of syndication is thoroughly explained in a new 54 page report called Backlink Leverage. The report is written by Andy Fletcher… a well known author in the Warrior Forum.

And, yes, that report does cost money… it’s not free. But, if you are in the internet marketing business, you will be blown away with how much information you will learn! You will be even happier with how much easier your work will become.

So, please, if your in the IM business, take a look at Backlink Leverage. Buy it and your home work business opportunities will greatly increase.

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Using RSS Feeds To Boost Your Internet Income Opportunity

Many of the visitors to this website are trying to take advantage of an internet income opportunity, just as I am. But, making money on the internet is not that easy, especially if you are new at it. In this article, I want to show you a method for increasing your chances of making a steady income from that computer that you are now using.


As I have said before, if you are trying to make money from a website that you have created, the only way to make a steady income from it is by getting lots of visitors to your website. And, to get lots of visitors, your website has to be found on the first page of the search engines…most people searching on the internet rarely look beyond the first page.

I’ve explained in previous articles on how to get your website found on the first page and I’m not going to go into much detail on that in this article. But, if you have not read my previous articles about this, you can go to Internet Income Opportunity Using Authority Directories and learn more. And, while you are there, I do encourage you to pick up your FREE SEO TRAINING GUIDE. It’s loaded with information that can help you.

So, as you probably already know, the secret to off-page optimization of a website is creating loads of backlinks to your website where you are trying to make money. Google, and the other search engines, consider these backlinks as a “positive vote” for your website and the more you have, the more likely it is that your website will show up on the first page of the search engines.

In this article, I want to show you an easy way to get hundreds of these backlinks for FREE.

Most of you are probably using article submission sites to link to your main websites (and, if you’re not doing it, that’s a big mistake). Many of these article submission sites create an RSS FEED for you. The secret is…you need to take these RSS feeds and submit them to RSS directories. This will create 100’s of backlinks to your websites where you are trying to take advantage of an internet income opportunity.

Let me show you an example:

Ezinearticles is one popular article submission site, and I use it also. Take a look at the picture below:

internet income opportunity 1

(NOTE: Richard S. Cannon is a pen name that I use…readers tend to give more attention to a male’s name in this online business)

If you go to one of your articles that you have posted there and if you click on your profile name, you will be taken to a page where you will see the RSS feed that Ezinearticles has created for you.

internet income opportunity 2

Click on your RSS fee button and you will be taken to a page where the URL address for your RSS feed appear in your browsers window.

internet income opportunity 3

Right click on your address and “Save” that address.

Now, open another window on your screen and go  to a website called Robin Good’s

internet income opportunity 4

This website provides hundreds of directories that you can submit your blogs and RSS feeds into. To find these directories, click on the article on the right hand side of the page that is called “Where To Submit Your RSS Feed or Blog”.

internet income opportunity 5

You are taken to a page that has some Google Adsense ads up towards the top of the page, but if you scroll down towards the bottom of the page, you will find the directories that you are looking for.Some are paid directories, but many of them are free…just look around until you find the ones that you want.

Today, while writing this article, I submitted my Ezinearticles feed to a directory called Open Feed Directory. Take a look at it here:

internet income opportunity 6

This directory is free to use and the directions to use it are easy to follow.

The best thing about adding your feed to these directories is that all of the articles that you have already entered into the original article submission site (such as Ezinearticles) is instantly awarded another free backlink.So, if you had previously written 15 articles and submitted them to Ezinearticle, all 15 of them will earn an additional backlink.

And, any future articles that you do write and submit to these article submission sites is instantly updated on these RSS feed directories and awarded a backlink that you don’t have to do any extra work for.

You know, when I first got started with online marketing, I didn’t know a lot of these little tricks. Tricks like this have helped me and I also hope they help you to take advantage of an internet income opportunity.

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